Meet Wyatt! This handsome red-head landed in the animal shelter as a stray in early January. He was emaciated and the shelter said he appeared to have “trash” in his stomach so who knows what he was eating to stay alive. The day we picked him up he went to our vet and X-rays showed his gut was all clear so whatever he ate had since passed. Wyatt is about 5 years old and he’s bigger than we expected. He inhaled his food so we had to put him on a feeding schedule so we weren’t risking stomach issues or bloat. He’s gained weight steadily, recovered from his upper respiratory infection and we are getting to know him better. You can see all of the calluses in his pictures that are on all of his joints and his back. This poor dog really went thru some serious neglect but we hope to help him heal as much as possible. He will always hold some of the physical scars from his past but he will be a devoted companion for someone able to look past them. We introduced him to a female dog recently with no trouble and will continue to get to know him better.
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