We have launched a very special tradition at Dobies and Little Paws and we decided that today was finally the day to share it with all of you. We affectionately call it The Forgotten Dog Project and it focuses on dogs that have been with the rescue for a long time. The "long-termers" are usually some of our favorites at the rescue, we get to know them really well and love them dearly but for a myriad of reasons, they are overlooked by adopters. Many of them are older or have behavioral flaws that just make them less desirable when standing next to a gorgeous youngster with no known issues. These are the dogs that we wanted to focus on and bring life to...the forgotten ones. Despite their flaws and age, many of them are still really wonderful dogs who deserve a second chance so that's our goal. As often as we can (at least once a month) we are going to choose a couple of dogs that have been with us for far too long and take them out for a day. Whether it's a walk, a hike, or just a chance to get out and enjoy the world, we want them to get a day where they are the center of attention and have some fun. We will be taking pictures of every outing in hopes of showing the personalities of each dog, bringing them some exposure and maybe, just maybe, it will lead to them finally finding that forever home they've been waiting for. 

Click on the pictures below to see the photo albums!

Look for this        which means that doggie has found his/her forever home!

Sadly, dogs that are marked with       have passed away but we are thankful they got a great day out before they left us for the rainbow bridge. 
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